Upon request we deliver:

Steels of special chemical composition: stainless, heat resistant, etc.
Steels of various profiles: round, incl. with greater diameter, double T-shaped, U-shaped, bulb steel, etc.

Forged elements
rings (bandages), spindles for lathes, wheel axes, etc.

Seamless pipes
pipes for steam boilers, besieging pipes, stainless pipes, etc.

Cast iron sand
cast iron sand with sharp edges and from sizes from 0.10 up to 2.00 mm and groats of sizes from 0.60 mm up to 2.00 mm. Low expenses ad remaining of the sharp edges till the emd of exploitation. Proved satisfactory by customers of ours. Without silicoses.

We can deliver steels and seamless pipes as follows:
As to a bigger quantity: delivery directly from the respective producer.
As to a smaller quantity or an urgent becessity: urgent delivery from a stock in Germany.

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Lifting Equipment
Ropes and Elements
Steel Wire Clothes
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