Connecting links / chain clamps
Elevator clamps DIN 745 and DIN 5699
Conveyor chain brackets DIN 22253
Connecting links for sling chains type VH, KUN 3.11
Flat chain clamps for mining chains DIN 22258
Quick release links
Swivel suspension points
Sea shackles for anchor chains
Anchors type HALL, SPEK, GRUSON, etc.

Connecting links for roller chains and for special chains
Connecting links with spring, type CLS, or with cotter pin, type CLC
Offset links, simplex and duplex, type OFL and type OFD
Connecting links with angle plate, type 1, 12 or 2, on one side or on both sides
Connecting links with vertical plate, type 1 and 12, on one side
Connecting links with extended pins
Sea shackles for anchor chains

Chains and Accessories
Industrial Chains
Agricultural Chains
Connecting Links and Chain
Lifting Equipment
Ropes and Elements
Steel Wire Clothes
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Connecting Links and Chain Shackles