Round Link Chains
Elevator chains
Conveyor chains
Chains for mining industry
Rotary kiln chains
Hoist chains
Sling chains
Fishing chains, long links
General purpose round link chains
Round link chains without quality requirements
Knotted chains DIN 5686 / DIN 20182
Spreader chains DIN 691
Ball chains DIN 5280
Sash Chains DIN 5279
Ancor chains without stud link
Ancor chains with stud link
Buoy chains
Tyre-protection chains
Chain for forestry

Standart Roller Chains
Roller chains DIN 8187, simplex, duplex, triplex, etc.
Roller chains, American series DIN 8188, simplex, duplex, triplex, etc.
Roller chains according to factory norms

Special Chains
Silent chains
Self-tooth-forming chains (P.I.V. chains)
(a) Lamella variator chains
(b) Roller variator chains
Hollow pin chains
Self-lubrication roller chains
Conveyor chains
Chains with bent attachment linkplates
Roller chains with bent attachment plates on one side or on both sides
Roller chains with vertical attachment plates on one side or on both sides
Roller chains with extended pins
Roller chainsfor agricultural machinery DIN 8189, ISO 487
Roller chains with frontal and angle plates for harvesters E 516 / E 517
Roller chains with extended pins DIN 8181
Bush conveyor chains DIN 8164
Rotary chains DIN 8182
Leaf chains (flyer) DIN 8152, light and heavy series
Gall chains DIN 8150
Roller chains with mounted U-shape links
Corrosion proof chains for food industry
Conveyor chains with increased plates, DIN 8165 / DIN 8167
Solid bearing pin bush chains DIN 8165 and DIN 8167
Conveyor chains
Scraper chains
Other executions of any design on basis of drawings

Chains and Accessories
Industrial Chains
Agricultural Chains
Connecting Links and Chain
Lifting Equipment
Ropes and Elements
Steel Wire Clothes
Black Metals
Spare Parts
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Industrial Chains