Fall Protection Equipment (Safety Belts)
Together with the large choice of lifting bands and endless belts, lifting slings and anchoring belts, we offer also a rich assortment of safety belts as individual fall protection equipment.

Each piece of them is certified by TUV National Engineering Laboratory, Glasgow, Scotland, and is fully adapted to the requirements of the international industrial safety norms. All products are approved by EC-CE 0320.

In last time new requirements about load transportation in the EU, considering the replacement of the anchoring belts by new chain anchoring devices are adopted by the EC. We have the pleasure to inform our clients that we possess the capacity to provide in very short terms (until 24 h) all type of chain anchoring systems. For more information and technical help, please call the office phones, or directly 0888 220034
For sheet iron loads and other matherials, besides the habitual facilitys, we also offer:
paws for horizontal and vertical raising of sheet iron
universal power magnets for sheet loads or circle-form loads, with Work Load Limit (WLL):
  (a) for sheet loads - from 125 kg to 2000 kg
  (b) for circle-form loads - from 40 kg to 1000 kg

For fast and safe bracking together the ends of transporter bands, we supply special metallic connecting systems:
Rich choice of different connecting metallic elements, depending on the type of the transported material and the speed of band's rotation.
Instruments and accessories for their fast installation.
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