We supply various types of shackles:

Shackles of commercial execution
Green Pin shackles
(a) Standard series, WLL 0.33-120 t
(b) Heavy series, WLL 150-1000 t
Shackles DIN 82 101, WLL 0.1-100 t
Shackles, type S, according to KUN 3.10, WLL 1-25 t

The above-mentioned Green Pin shackles, shackles DIN 82101 and shackles KUN 3.10 have the WLL and the diameter of the relevant chain marked on them; the chains have also the marking 8 as a sign of quality class 8. They can be delivered upon request with approval protokol issued by Lloyd's Register, German Lloyd, Russian Register. They are obligatory delivered with a test certificate, issued by manufacturer, which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2000.

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