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Spare Parts
We supply various spare parts for machines and equipment:

Mining industry
Link chains for mining conveyors
Chain brackets
Spare parts for excavators type Skoda E303, E301, DN101, E25, etc.
Spare parts for excavators type SKAT
Spare parts for rope one-rail systems of Polish production
Spare parts for freight machines
Spare parts for bulldozers
Springs for parachute equipment
Hanging devices

Cement industry
Rotary kiln chains
Accessories for rotary kiln chains
Elevator chains and clamps
Elevator buckets
Curtain chains
Spare parts for pumps Fouler/Peters
Spare parts for reductors Flender
Spare parts for cement conductors - knees and distribution plates acc. draft
Chain wheels and individual teeth for elevators
Spare parts for breakers Macrum
Heat resistant transport bands

Trolley / tramway transport
Contactors and spare parts for them
Spare parts for tram cars Tatra
Bandage rings
NiCd batteries

One pole contactors
Spare parts for lathes
NiCd batteries for carriages' illumination
Barrier chains

Food industry
Electric heaters for airs heating for electric ovens
Heat resistant observation glasses
Spetial wire clothes
Spare parts for centrifuges, pasteurisators, milk-measure equipment
Special chain, incl. stainless

General purpose spare parts
Belts - textile, rubber, teeth, V-belts, flat
Chain wheels
Industrial chains

Spare parts for other machines of German, Polish and Czech production,
incl. for machines maide in DDR

Chains and Accessories
Lifting Equipment
Ropes and Elements
Steel Wire Clothes
Black Metals
Spare Parts