Woven Wire Cloths
The supplied by us woven wire cloths are manufactured according to DIN 4189 / DIN ISO 9044. We offer alldesigns ofwowen wire cloths: plain weawe, plain dutch weawe, etc. Our range of articles cover wowen wire cloths, which are produced of various materials:
The mostly used stainless steel wire cloths are produced of stainless steels material 4301, 4401, 4541, etc. They are delivered in rolls in the range of standard widths 1000-1500 mm, but it is possible too, to be delivered in smaller widths 600-700 mm.

There is no limits in the quantities to be delivered. Upon request the wire cloths can be delivered also in pieces according to measurements given by the customer. Mesh size from 0.05 mm up to 25 mm, wire diameter - from 0.036 up to 3.00 mm, 1-300 mesh in inch.

applied type of weaves      applied dimentions

Welded Meshes
The welded meshes are fixed connected at the point of crossing; material - zinc-plated, copper-plated or stainless steel, mesh size from 5x5 up to 49x49 mm and wire diameter 0.5-2.5 mm.

The large quantities of all usual types of meshes being on stock at the producer allow us to meet each inquiry through a delivery of the right sizes or a similar to them, being on hand.

Upon request we supply also special meshes, according to drafts or article number as spare parts.

We supply filters of all types, with parameters given by customer.

Perforated Screens
All screens are delivered with a quality certificate issued by the producer and an EUR certificate.

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stainless steel
synthetic materials: polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester
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